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Join us on Morvoren to explore the rich and rewarding underwater world of the Isles of Scilly.


The Isles of Scilly are as stunning below water as they are above. Hailed the UK Caribbean, the crystal clear waters of our islands host some of the best scenic dives in the UK as well as a variety of historic and newer ship wrecks. 28 miles of the coast of Cornwall, the archipelago of islands offer diverse and rewarding dives, steeped in maritime history and rich in marine life.


Whilst well known for its shipwrecks, the marine environment of Scilly is second to none with stunning drop offs, pinnacles and gullys showcasing some of the most fantastic wildlife and fauna you can see in the UK.


Isles of Scilly Dive Charters is the only local dive operation which means we can provide you with the best and exclusive diving on offer with intimate knowledge of the local waters, tides and sites.

We offer recreational dive packages to qualified and experienced groups of up to 10 divers for a week of 6 days booking change over day Saturday.

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